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Mosquito Sounder

The Mosquito teenage deterrent is essentially a sounder unit that emits a very high frequency modulated tone that is completely harmless even with long term use. The pitch that is emitted from the Mosquito Sounder can only be heard by teenagers and becomes very annoying.

The Mosquito Sounder MK4 is the most effective tool for dispersing groups of teenagers who regularly congregate in a location and behave in an antisocial manner. Antisocial behaviour is one of the fastest growing problems in UK society and unfortunately there is little that the police are able to do to prevent it.

If you have groups of teenagers regularly loitering near your property, causing criminal damage, putting off customers or even abusing customers and staff, then the Mosquito MK4 anti-loitering device is the most effective way to put an end to the problem without confrontation!

Mosquito MK4 is widely used by police and local authorities, chain stores, independent shops, Schools  and private individuals to protect their property from the effects of teenage antisocial behaviour.

Mosquito MK4 Features

  • 4 volume / distance settings
  • Maximum range 35 – 40 meters depending on ambient noise levels
  • Audible beep on / off
  • Kids only setting emits sound that only under 25's usually hear
  • All-age setting emits sound that people of all ages can hear
  • Switchable manually or by PIR (Passive Infra-red Sensor), remote control or timer

    mosquito teenage deterrent
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