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Natural Gas Detector MCT-441
powermax natural gas sensor

Wireless Natural Gas (Methane CH4) Detector

MCT-441 Wireless Natural Gas Detector provides rapid warnings about leaks of natural gas (Methane CH4) commonly used for cooking, home heating and water heating. Methane CH4 is toxic and highly flammable. When mixed with air, it can pose a suffocation danger and, if there is an ignition source such as a spark from a faulty electrical appliance or even turning on the light, it can cause an explosion.

As a fully supervised wireless detector, MCT-441 transmits all alerts to the PowerMax®, which sounds the alarm and forwards the alert message to a central station or private phone number. This enables a rapid and effective response to remove the danger, alerting anyone who is sleeping as well as children, the elderly and even pets who may be home alone, from a potential threat.

Natural gas is colorless, and tasteless. Although an artificial odor is added by most gas companies the smell is not always immediately noticed. This makes quick identification of a leak vital to health and life. The MCT-441 transmits supervisory reports to the wireless control panel or receiver at regular intervals – ensuring system integrity and functionality at all times.

Providing long-lasting reliability in an attractive, easily installed wireless detector, MCT-441 is the ideal solution for protecting family members from the dangers of natural gas leaks.

MCT-441 is available in various frequencies and meets EN 50194 requirements.

MCT-441 Features:

  • Detects Methane CH4 gas used for cooking and heating
  • Transmits alerts to the control panel and provides visual and audial alerts when gas is detected
  • Fully supervised detector compatible with the PowerMax family of solutions
  • Self cleaning sensor
  • Self-test button for sensor, receiver, LED and buzzer checks
  • Mute button to shut off triggered audial alarm
  • Loud internal buzzer (85db)
  • Easy wall mount installation
  • PowerCode™ smart anti-collision algorithm supports reliable multiple simultaneous transmissions
  • Internal battery supports transmission to the control panel notifying the system in case of a general power failure during which the MCT-441 is not functioning
  • Meets EN 50194 requirements (the European standard for domestic gas alarms)

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