There was a time not so long ago were CCTV systems were by far mostly seen in commercial premises. This was for various reasons, for example. Cameras where big and ugly, Video recorders required tapes that needed changed daily and CCTV systems where expensive. On top of that CCTV was seen as something that was just not required as part of home security.

Fast forward a decade or so and how things have changed. All of the reasons above are out the window. Video tapes are long gone, cameras are now a lot more aesthetically pleasing and the cost of CCTV has dropped dramatically even though the technology and image quality is now far superior.

These days CCTV recorders have built in hard drives much like that of a computer. Once the hard drive is full the system starts to record over itself always deleting the oldest footage. Some recorders now have smart artificial intelligence features such as facial recognition, cross line detection and smart motion detection. Schedules can be set, audio can be recorded, frames per second can be adjusted. The list goes on and the technology keeps improving.

CCTV cameras have reduced in both size and price and yet the technology has improved making them show high definition quality images with colour during the day & night possible and some with built in microphones giving the ability to record audio. We have active deterrent cameras that have built in warning flashing lights and audio messages/sirens that can activate upon human detection. The image quality modern CCTV cameras produce is truly impressive.

Although we can connect CCTV to any TV in a house, we find that most people are more than happy with it on an app on smart devices. Let’s face it, most of us are never really too far away from our phones. Listed below are some benefits of using the app

  • View live and recorded footage
  • Save recorded footage
  • Receive activation alerts

A major factor in home CCTV and one of the reasons it may be so popular is the integration CCTV can have with other security systems in the household such as an intruder alarm system or a smart door bell system. In many cases all these systems can be brought together into the same app giving home owners a great amount of control over all security systems all from smart devices and all from anywhere in the world.

So what are the real benefits of CCTV?
Well this one is easy. CCTV is a deterrent and a good one at that.  More importantly, CCTV provides evidence of an event which in some cases can be used in court.

The UK is now amongst the top countries in the world to have the most CCTV cameras installed per capita and those cameras are no longer just on commercial premises. More and more home owners are literally seeing the benefits of CCTV. Just that thought of knowing your home is covered by 24 hour/365 days a year recording can give great peace of mind.

If you want to join the thousands of home owners who are stepping up their security and turning to CCTV then contact us and we can arrange a free no obligation site survey.

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