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Product Overview

The Enforcer V11 stands at the forefront of security technology as a complete wireless security solution, designed to offer unparalleled protection without the complexity of wires.

No Wires, No Fuss, No Mess

Embodying the principle of “No Wires, No Fuss, No Mess,” this system is engineered to provide a seamless security experience, ensuring your peace of mind with minimal installation hassle.

Stay Connected Anywhere

This system isn’t just tough; it’s smart, too. With a top-notch security grade, it’s built to look after your home in all sorts of conditions.

And the best part? You can manage everything straight from your phone. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, peace of mind is always at your fingertips.

Keeping Your Property Secure

And for those who like things extra simple, there’s a cool feature: a built-in reader that lets you set or unset your alarm with a simple tag, just like using a key fob.

Plus, with space for up to 80 user codes, it’s great for homes and businesses alike, making sure everyone who needs access can get it easily.

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Key Features

Wire-Free Setup

Experience the simplicity of a security system that eliminates the need for wires. The Enforcer V11 offers an easy installation process, meaning you can secure your home or office without the mess and hassle of running cables everywhere.

Smart Control

With the HomeControl 2.0 app, managing your security system is as easy as using your smartphone. Receive instant alerts, monitor your property, and adjust settings from anywhere, giving you complete control over your security.

Comprehensive Coverage

Expand your security with up to 66 zones, allowing for a wide range of accessories. Whether you’re covering doors, windows, or specific areas, the Enforcer V11 ensures that every part of your property is protected.

Environmental Durability

Rated Security Grade 2 and Environmental Class II, the Enforcer V11 is built to withstand diverse environments. Rest assured, your security system is robust and reliable, no matter the conditions.

User-Friendly Access

The built-in proximity reader simplifies arming and disarming your system. Just swipe a tag, and you’re set. It’s an easy, keyless way to control your security without memorizing codes.

Multiple User Codes

Experience the simplicity of a security system that eliminates the need for wires. The Enforcer V11 offers an easy installation process, meaning you can secure your home or office without the mess and hassle of running cables everywhere.

Instant Alerts

Stay informed with real-time alerts sent directly to your smart device. Whether it’s an unauthorized entry or simply a reminder to set your alarm, you’re always in the loop.

Accessory Compatibility

From motion detectors to window sensors, the Enforcer V11 is compatible with a wide range of accessories. Customize your security system to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Proximity Reader

The system’s proximity reader offers a modern twist to traditional security systems. Set or unset your alarm with a simple tag approach, blending convenience with advanced security features.

More than Security

Signal for help by sounding the alarm – With a wireless range of up to 300m in open space, users can press the centre of both buttons down for two seconds and the alarm is activated. Loaded with great features and extras, including: one- push-to-learn, LED signal strength indicator, an easily replaceable battery, positional press marks and the option to modify it to a Medical Alert (MED). Ideal for:

Medical/Elderly Care

The Enforcer V11 system shines in environments prioritizing the safety of the elderly or individuals with medical conditions. Its Medical Alert (MED) modification option ensures that caregivers or family members receive instant notifications about emergencies such as falls, providing crucial peace of mind and facilitating rapid response.

Businesses and Retail

Tailored for banks, offices, and retail settings, this system offers a stealthy yet potent security measure. The HUD/MED can be seamlessly integrated into various spots, empowering staff to swiftly and subtly activate an alarm. This added security layer acts as a deterrent against potential threats, creating a safer atmosphere for staff and patrons alike.

Industrial Settings

In the demanding realms of industrial work, where safety is non-negotiable, the Enforcer V11 emerges as an essential lifeline. It equips employees in hazardous or confined spaces with the means to alert for assistance if they find themselves in peril. The system’s extensive wireless range ensures that aid is always accessible, underlining a commitment to employee safety and prompt emergency response.


For homeowners seeking robust, user-friendly security, the Enforcer V11 offers a perfect blend of technology and ease. Its wireless setup and comprehensive coverage make it ideal for families wanting to safeguard their homes without the complexity. The system’s real-time alerts and remote control via the HomeControl 2.0 app provide a modern, interactive security experience, ensuring homeowners feel secure and connected, no matter where they are.

Vacation Properties

Owners of vacation homes or rental properties will find the Enforcer V11 particularly beneficial. Its remote monitoring capabilities allow for peace of mind from afar, ensuring properties are protected even when unoccupied. With features like the Medical Alert option, guests or renters can also feel safer, knowing they have immediate access to help if needed.

Community Centers

Community centers, often hubs of diverse activities and gatherings, can greatly benefit from the adaptable and discreet security the Enforcer V11 provides. The ability to place HUD/MED devices throughout the facility means that in any event—from medical emergencies to security threats—response can be swift and effective, ensuring the safety of all visitors and staff.

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tony campbell
Helpful and efficient staff Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. If there was a problem, they are very quick to respond.
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David Frame
Excellent service. No fuss and done speedily. Everything back to normal.
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David Hamilton
Great Company to work with, very friendly and always prompt.
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Rona Kelly
I recommend Innovate Alarms Ltd. They were very efficient. Their engineer Lewis explained everything in simple terms.
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barbara Nicolson
I had my alarm system installed last year so this was my first service. My previous alarm system was reassessed and installed and I am delighted with my "new "system .Im delighted with the service provided by Innovate and delighted to be advised that my alarm is healthy. I am delighted with Innovate and would definitely recommend to anyone interested in a new alarm system.
Lucia Bowie
Lucia Bowie
Cannot recommend this company highly enough! AMAZING service from Sales through to Service and I will be recommending them to everyone! A-Class customer service, Lewis the engineer was considerate and took the time to thoroughly service and then help me understand the system. Fixed our faults, provided a service and has left me feeling totally confident in the system and its status. VERY VERY competitive against the other alarm specialist's we spoke to but the manner in how they treat their customers is worlds apart. A very delighted customer.
alan mclachlan
alan mclachlan
Fantastic company nothings any hassle
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Ian Hector
Having used Innovate Alarms recently to install a new alarm system - totally professional - customer service first class - no hesitation in recommending them.
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arthur harvey
Reliable and friendly
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Laze Executive Travel
I found this company prompt, courteous and competitively priced, I would highly recommend

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