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Product Overview

The Pyronix Euro 46 V10 is a cutting-edge hybrid intruder alarm system that blends the reliability of wired technology with the flexibility of wireless solutions. It’s designed to provide a comprehensive security solution for both residential and commercial properties.

With the Euro 46 V10, users gain access to a wide range of security and life safety peripherals, ensuring robust protection against intruders.

  • Enhanced Protection: Offers comprehensive security with a range of sensors for intrusion detection
  • Remote Management: Control and monitor your system from anywhere via the HomeControl2.0 app.
  • Flexible Installation: Supports both wired and wireless setups, fitting any property layout.
  • Cost Savings: Enables remote diagnostics and maintenance, reducing the need for onsite visits.
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Key Features

Ultimate Flexibility

The Euro 46 V10 excels in hybrid installations, offering a broad array of wired and wireless security peripherals, making it a versatile choice for any property.

Smart Control

Manage your security system from anywhere with the HomeControl2.0 app. This allows for secure system control, status checks, and the receipt of custom push notifications.

Seamless Integration

Achieves flawless compatibility with wireless devices through a wireless zone expander, featuring easy device connection and efficient power management.

Versatile Programming

Offers programming via the InSite desktop application or keypad, providing engineers with preferred methods for easy system setup and customization.

IP Connectivity

Ready for the future with IP-based alternatives to the PSTN, including GPRS, Wi-Fi, and LAN modules, ensuring seamless communication.

Remote Maintenance

Supports remote programming, diagnostics, and maintenance checks via Pyronix InSite UDL software, saving time and resources.

A Security System Ideal for

Varied Properties

Given its hybrid nature, the Euro 46 V10 is perfect for a wide range of properties, from small residential to large commercial spaces. Its scalable features make it an excellent choice for those seeking adaptable security solutions.

Large Commercial Spaces

The Euro 46 V10 is particularly suited for large commercial environments such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and large retail stores. Its extensive range of input zones and wireless capabilities make it capable of covering extensive areas, offering scalable security solutions that can adapt to complex layouts and high-security needs.

Family Homes

Designed with family safety in mind, the Euro 46 V10 provides a robust security system that’s easy to use and manage. Families can enjoy peace of mind with features like remote control via app, customizable push notifications, and seamless integration with various sensors and detectors, ensuring every corner of their home is protected.

Rental Properties

Landlords of rental properties, including apartments and holiday homes, will find the Euro 46 V10 an excellent investment. Its flexible programming options and remote maintenance capabilities allow for easy management across multiple properties, ensuring tenants’ safety without constant physical oversight.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs can leverage the Euro 46 V10’s hybrid system for tailored security that grows with their business. The system’s adaptability makes it perfect for offices, small factories, and shops, providing comprehensive protection with its range of communication options and easy integration into existing IT infrastructure.

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tony campbell
tony campbell
Helpful and efficient staff Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. If there was a problem, they are very quick to respond.
David Frame
David Frame
Excellent service. No fuss and done speedily. Everything back to normal.
David Hamilton
David Hamilton
Great Company to work with, very friendly and always prompt.
Rona Kelly
Rona Kelly
I recommend Innovate Alarms Ltd. They were very efficient. Their engineer Lewis explained everything in simple terms.
barbara Nicolson
barbara Nicolson
I had my alarm system installed last year so this was my first service. My previous alarm system was reassessed and installed and I am delighted with my "new "system .Im delighted with the service provided by Innovate and delighted to be advised that my alarm is healthy. I am delighted with Innovate and would definitely recommend to anyone interested in a new alarm system.
Lucia Bowie
Lucia Bowie
Cannot recommend this company highly enough! AMAZING service from Sales through to Service and I will be recommending them to everyone! A-Class customer service, Lewis the engineer was considerate and took the time to thoroughly service and then help me understand the system. Fixed our faults, provided a service and has left me feeling totally confident in the system and its status. VERY VERY competitive against the other alarm specialist's we spoke to but the manner in how they treat their customers is worlds apart. A very delighted customer.
alan mclachlan
alan mclachlan
Fantastic company nothings any hassle
Ian Hector
Ian Hector
Having used Innovate Alarms recently to install a new alarm system - totally professional - customer service first class - no hesitation in recommending them.
arthur harvey
arthur harvey
Reliable and friendly
Laze Executive Travel
Laze Executive Travel
I found this company prompt, courteous and competitively priced, I would highly recommend

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