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Innovate Alarms Elevates Security in Dundee with State-of-the-Art Vandal Resistant Video Door Entry System

Introduction Innovate Alarms, renowned for its commitment to enhancing security across Scotland, has once again demonstrated its expertise in bespoke security solutions. A recent project in Dundee highlights their ability to blend technological innovation with practical functionality in the realm of security installations. Background The primary challenge was to design a system that was not … Read more

Enhancing Security in Glasgow with Innovate Alarms’ Access Door Control System

Introduction When it comes to safeguarding premises, Innovate Alarms leads the charge in Glasgow’s security sector. Their recent project in Bellshill and Bishopbriggs epitomizes their commitment to advanced safety solutions. Lewis, a skilled technician from Innovate Alarms, masterfully upgraded the Pyronix intruder alarm panels (EURO46) to include full English text remote keypads and robust backup … Read more
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Fire Alarm Installation in Livingston

Introduction In the heart of Livingston, Innovate Alarms took on the critical task of commissioning a fire alarm system. The project was not just about installing hardware but ensuring that it met the stringent requirements of building control, centre security, and the main contractor. The Challenge: Ensuring Fire Safety in Livingston Fire safety is a … Read more

Intruder Alarm Upgrade in Cumbernauld

Introduction In the bustling area of Cumbernauld in Glasgow, Innovate Alarms undertook a swift yet meticulous panel change and upgrade. The aim was not merely to replace outdated equipment but to significantly enhance the property’s overall security. The Challenge: home Alarm Installation in Glasgow Security systems can become obsolete or less effective over time. The … Read more

Home Alarm Installation in Glasgow

Introduction While the sun was shining bright in Glasgow, Innovate Alarms was hard at work ensuring that homes in Springboig and Bellshill were secure and protected. The focus was not just on installing an alarm system but on providing a comprehensive intruder detection solution. The Challenge: home Alarm Installation in Glasgow Home security is a … Read more
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CCTV Installers in Paisley

Introduction In the rugged terrains near Paisley, a quarry required a robust and comprehensive surveillance solution. The goal was not just to monitor the site but to ensure every vehicle’s movement was tracked and the entire quarry was under surveillance. The Challenge: CCTV Installation in Paisley Quarries are expansive, open spaces with multiple entry and … Read more
Dahua Camera CCTV Installation Glasgow

Dahua CCTV Installation in Kilsyth

Introduction In the picturesque town of Kilsyth, security is paramount. A recent project saw the need to upgrade a property’s surveillance system to ensure safety and clarity, even in low-light conditions. The Challenge The primary challenge was to provide a surveillance solution that could capture clear and colored images regardless of the time of day. … Read more


Our new Innovate Alarms Ltd product guide is now available for 2023. This product guide is aimed more towards home owners and small to medium businesses and was designed to to give clients an overview of the most common products we install for intruder alarms, CCTV systems and smart door bells. The guide is available … Read more

Alarm Installation Bishopbriggs

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There was a time not so long ago were CCTV systems were by far mostly seen in commercial premises. This was for various reasons, for example. Cameras where big and ugly, Video recorders required tapes that needed changed daily and CCTV systems where expensive. On top of that CCTV was seen as something that was … Read more