Innovate Alarms Elevates Security in Dundee with State-of-the-Art Vandal Resistant Video Door Entry System


Innovate Alarms, renowned for its commitment to enhancing security across Scotland, has once again demonstrated its expertise in bespoke security solutions. A recent project in Dundee highlights their ability to blend technological innovation with practical functionality in the realm of security installations.


The primary challenge was to design a system that was not only vandal-resistant but also capable of providing comprehensive access control. The client’s premises, being in a high-traffic area, demanded a solution that could ensure security without compromising on ease of access for authorized individuals.

Advanced video door entry system in Glasgow, featuring vandal-resistant call buttons, keypad, and HD camera for enhanced property security.

The Solution

Innovate Alarms’ response to this challenge was the installation of a cutting-edge video door entry system. The system comprised several key components:

  1. Door Station: The door station was equipped with six call buttons, a keypad for secure entry, and a high-definition video camera and microphone. This setup ensured that every individual at the door could be clearly seen and communicated with, adding an extra layer of security.
  2. Internal Monitors: Staff inside the premises were provided with internal monitors. These allowed them to communicate directly with visitors at the main door, verifying their identity before granting access.
  3. Network Integration: A significant feature of this system was its network integration. Selected staff members were given the capability to control access remotely via their mobile devices. This feature not only added a layer of convenience but also enhanced the security framework, allowing for swift response and access management.
Glasgow's bespoke security design showcased in an internal monitor of a video door entry system, enabling efficient staff communication and access control.


The installation was a resounding success. The vandal-resistant video door entry system provided a perfect balance between stringent security measures and user-friendly access control. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the seamless integration of technology and the heightened sense of security it provided to their premises.

Looking to secure your home or business?

Innovate Alarms continues to set benchmarks in the security installation industry, proving that no challenge is too big when it comes to safeguarding properties. Their ability to tailor solutions to specific client needs, coupled with their commitment to using advanced technology, makes them a leader in the security sector.

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Networked internal monitor display from a Dundee-based video door entry system, part of Innovate Alarms' integrated security solutions for commercial premises.

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